SAN JOSE KOOP offers different loan products to add funds to your business, source of income and even personal needs!

“The person whom you favoured with a loan, if he be a good man, will think himself in your debt after he has paid you.”

-Richard Steele

1. Business Loan Products

2. Agri-Finance Loan

3. Small Enterprise Loan

4. Transport Service Loan

5. Providential Loan

6. Service Loan

7. House and Lot acquisition Loan

8. Health Care loan assistance

9. Eco-Friendly loan assistance



  1. (2) recent ID picture (1×1) or (2×2)
  2. (2) photocopy of valid ID
  3. Barangay Certification (for Loan Purposes)
  4. Photocopy of Land Title or Deed of Sale or Award or Certificate of Residency
  5. Original Copy of Meralco and Water Bill
  6. Picture of Business
  7. Photocopy of Business Permit
  8. Spouse Valid ID
  9. Sketch / Location Map
  10. Photocopy of Birth Certificate / Marriage Contract
  11. Proof of Remittance (if any)
  12. Submit the Original Certificate of Employment and latest Payslip (if employed)
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Copyright 2022 - San Jose Koop

Copyright 2022 - San Jose Koop

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