Financial Highlights

As of October 2017

Total Assets   1.654 B
Loan Receivable (Net)   743.32 M
Portfolio at Risk (PAR 1)   8.06%
Portfolio at Risk (PAR 30)   4.99%
Deposits Liabilities   1.07B 
Other Liablities   48.00 M 
Member's Equity    384.30 M
Gen. Reserve Fund   74.47 M 
Net Surplus   63.59 M
Gross Revenue   123.87 M
Coop. Pesos Rating    89.40% 
Regular   27,645
Associate   1,433
Youthbee   2,525
Smarteens   647
Total Membership   32,250



  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:00AM-5:30PM



  • Saturday
  • 8:00AM-11:30AM


Jan 23 (MON)
    - Inauguration of the
      First Phil. Republic
      (Bulacan Only)

Jan 28 (SAT)
    - Chinese New Year

Feb 03 (FRI)
    - Ople Day
      (Bulacan Only)

Feb 25 (SAT)
    - Edsa Revolution
      31st Anniversary

Apr 02 (SUN)
    - Balagtas Day
      (Bulacan Only)

Apr 09 (SUN)
    - Day of Valor

Apr 13 (THU)
    - Maundy Thursday

Apr 14 (FRI)
    - Good Friday

Apr 15 (SAT)
    - Black Saturday

May 01 (MON)
    - Labor Day

Jun 12 (MON)
    - Independence Day

Aug 15 (TUE)
    - Bulacan Day
      (Bulacan Only)

Aug 21 (MON)
    - Ninoy Aquino Day

Aug 28 (MON)
    - National Heroes Day

Aug 30 (WED)
    - M. del Pilar Day
      (Bulacan Only)

Sept 10 (SUN)
    - Foundation Day of the
      City of San Jose del Monte
      (CSJDM, Bulacan Only)

Sept 15 (FRI)
    - 119th Anniversary of 
      Malolos Congress
      (Bulacan Only)

Oct 31 (TUE)
    - Additional special
      non-working day

Nov 01 (WED)
    - All Saints Day

Nov 30 (THU)
    - Bonifacio Day

Dec 25 (MON)
     - Christmas Day

Dec 30 (SAT)
     - Rizal Day

Dec 31 (SUN)
     - Last Day of the

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San Jose Koop awarded as ACCESS Silver Brand Accreditation during ACCU Forum

by CEO Caroline D. Dave


September 7-11, 2016 - SAN JOSE KOOP joined the ASSOCIATION OF ASIAN CONFEDERATION OF CREDIT UNIONS (ACCU) FORUM 2016 held at Incheon City, South Korea.  It was attended by 758 directors, employees and enthusiasts of credit unions from 23 countries that support ACCU.

     With the theme SHAPING our FUTURE- CONNECT, COLLABORATE, DIFFERENTIATE, we were given the opportunity to meet cooperative experts from different countries and learned the latest development in the credit union movement being shared by the resource  speakers from Hong Kong, Canada, Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia Nepal, Indonesia, Australia, Bangladesh and other member countries of ACCU.

     Discussed on the breakout session are the following topics: Credit Union: The Authentic Difference; The Unique Role of Cooperatives in Realizing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals; CONNECT: Credit Unions, Striking a balance between business and purpose; COLLABORATE: Regulatory Regime in Korean Credit Union System; DIFFERENTIATE: ACCESS Branding Best Practices, Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunity and Success; Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Member Value through Technology; DIFFERENTIATE: Green Inclusive Finance: Ensuring credit unions participation in restoring Socially Responsible Financial Sector; COLLABORATE:  Tech Talk: Technology Trends in 2016 and beyond; CONNECT: Korean Credit Union Experience: We’re all working together, that’s the secret; DIFFERENTIATE: Does Good Governance Equal Good Credit Union Performance; COLLABORATE: The Big Steps in Shaping Up an Integrated Credit Union Network; CONNECT: Case Presentation of Sharon Credit Union and Jumin Credit Union; The Asian Credit Unions Through the Years and the Future We Want.

     During the breakout session, yours truly together with 2 CEO’s from Tagum and Nepal shared about credit unions journey to ACCESS Branding, the best practices, Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunity and Success.  We were given a chance to share the unprecedented growth in members, assets, high degree of professionalism of the management, improve public image and financial soundness of the cooperative.

     But the most exciting part of the forum was the 2016 RECOGNITION AWARD  for those primary cooperatives from NEPAL and PHILIPPINES who were given an ACCESS BRAND CERTIFICATION by ACCU.  Luckily and it’s a pride for SAN JOSE DEL MONTE SAVINGS AND CREDIT COOPERTAIVE (SAN JOSE KOOP) and TAGUM COOPERATIVE from the PHILIPPINES and 4 primary cooperatives from NEPAL  were awarded as ACCESS SILVER BRAND ACCREDITATION and 8 cooperatives from NEPAL as BRONZE   valid from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017. SAN JOSE KOOP received its 5 years straight BRONZE and only this year that we were able to hit the ACCESS SILVER BRAND ACCREDITATION.



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