Financial Highlights

As of March 2018

Total Assets   1.74 B
Loan Receivable (Net)   768.65 M
Portfolio at Risk (PAR 1)   7.59%
Portfolio at Risk (PAR 30)   4.64%
Deposits Liabilities   1B 
Other Liablities   173.65 M 
Member's Equity    423.89 M
Gen. Reserve Fund   87.57 M 
Net Surplus   15.52 M
Gross Revenue   34.04 M
Coop. Pesos Rating    81.80% 
Regular   29,703
Associate   1,410
Youthbee   2,714
Smarteens   686
Total Membership   34,513



  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:00AM-5:30PM



  • Saturday
  • 8:00AM-11:30AM



Feb 16 (FRI)

    - Chinese New Year

Feb 25 (SUN)
    - Edsa Revolution
      32nd Anniversary

Mar 29 (THU)
    - Maundy Thursday

Mar 30 (FRI)
    - Good Friday

Mar 31 (SAT)
    - Black Saturday

Apr 09 (MON)
    - Day of Valor

May 01 (TUES)
    - Labor Day

Jun 12 (TUES)
    - Independence Day

Aug 21 (TUES)
    - Ninoy Aquino Day

Aug 27 (MON)
    - National Heroes Day

Nov 01 (THU)
    - All Saints Day

Nov 02 (FRI)
    - Additional Special
      (non-working) holiday

Nov 30 (FRI)
    - Bonifacio Day

Dec 24 (MON)
     - Additional Special
       (non-working) holiday

Dec 25 (TUES)
     - Christmas Day

Dec 30 (SUN)
     - Rizal Day

Dec 31 (MON)
     - Last Day of the

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Team Building

by Elisa M. Lorenzo



Last May 20 & 21, 2017, our yearly team building was held in Coral View Resort in Morong, Bataan together with the board of directors, committee members and all employees of San Jose Koop headed by our head trainor/facilitator Mr. Rico Coligado. We’re divided into 4 equal groups and the exciting things happened immediately right after we arrived at rendezvous. Everyone was surprised like the saying “expect the unexpected” well it’s truly unique and really no dull moment. On our way, Mr. Coligado distributed questionnaire that has to be answered by the group hence, everyone remains awake and keep on sharing all our thoughts and ideas. One of the exciting activities was the “spider web” imagine each members has to past through on that without touching the strings, but because of the individual ideas turn into a group effort and team initiative we have conquered all our fears and doubts and finally finished successfully. Generally speaking all our activities are well prepared and designed to achieve our common goal. I have truly learned that team building is not only because of enjoying and relaxation, instead, it was organized by the company, group or any kind of organization which aim is to build strong relation and socialization between the group that encourages to have a better communication skills, increases collaboration and building trust that mitigates conflict and to resolve indifference between the team. Nevertheless, team building helps us to motivate, to showcase our hidden talents, skills and help us perform on our own best and as team players that can bring a common goal not only in our working place rather, rendering better services among our members.

We, San Jose Koop TEAM, will help you in BUILDING your tomorrow!


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