Financial Highlights

As of June 2018

Total Assets   1.82 B
Loan Receivable (Net)   855.88 M
Portfolio at Risk (PAR 1)   7.75%
Portfolio at Risk (PAR 30)   4.58%
Deposits Liabilities   1.19 B 
Other Liablities   26.87 M 
Member's Equity    443.08 M
Gen. Reserve Fund   87.56 M 
Net Surplus   32.99 M
Gross Revenue   79.78 M
Coop. Pesos Rating    85.00% 
Regular   30,799
Associate   1,401
Youthbee   2,794
Smarteens   717
Total Membership   35,711



  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:00AM-5:30PM



  • Saturday
  • 8:00AM-11:30AM



Feb 16 (FRI)

    - Chinese New Year

Feb 25 (SUN)
    - Edsa Revolution
      32nd Anniversary

Mar 29 (THU)
    - Maundy Thursday

Mar 30 (FRI)
    - Good Friday

Mar 31 (SAT)
    - Black Saturday

Apr 09 (MON)
    - Day of Valor

May 01 (TUES)
    - Labor Day

Jun 12 (TUES)
    - Independence Day

Aug 21 (TUES)
    - Ninoy Aquino Day

Aug 27 (MON)
    - National Heroes Day

Nov 01 (THU)
    - All Saints Day

Nov 02 (FRI)
    - Additional Special
      (non-working) holiday

Nov 30 (FRI)
    - Bonifacio Day

Dec 24 (MON)
     - Additional Special
       (non-working) holiday

Dec 25 (TUES)
     - Christmas Day

Dec 30 (SUN)
     - Rizal Day

Dec 31 (MON)
     - Last Day of the

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San Jose Koop towards a Gender-Sensitivity Cooperative

by Richard E. Avena


In many developing countries, women are viewed as second-class citizens.  Even though women often have a heavier workload as caretakers of the home, they have very little influence or authority in their house and communities.  This unbalanced societal power often leads to fewer opportunities for women for education and work, and can also lead to domestic abuse.

The San Jose Koop In-House Gender Sensitivity Seminar program is designed to open up communications between the sexes to bring mutual understanding and respect for each other’s roles.   It was attended by all of the officers and management staff, and was conducted in three batches, on June 9, 16, and 24, 2017 at the San Jose Koop Raiffeissen Training Hall.  This GSS was facilitated by the BOD Vice Chair and Edcom Chair Richard E. Avena, an accredited facilitator of the Civil Service Commission Civil Service Institute for Gender Sensitivity Training, from which the CSI GSS module was also adopted. 

It was a day of insights, learning, fun and games.  Highlight of the one-day training was a film showing of “Ang Mga Babae sa Ating Buhay” and the discussion on the Manifestations of Gender Bias.  Participants also have a chance to share experiences on how gender has affected their lives.  The participants felt more open to each other after the said GSS and expectedly, more policies on Gender and Development will be formulated and a thorough GAD Plan will be adopted for the officers, management and staff and also our members and the community towards a gender-sensitive cooperative.

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