What is KAYA Payment Platform?

  • It is an online payment platform designed for coop members to do bills payment and coop transactions through their smartphones anytime and anywhere.

What are the channels of KAYA Payment Platform?

  • KAYA Over the Counter via Cooperatives with KAYA Program
  • KAYA Mobile Banking
  • KAYA ATM Card
  • KAYA POS (Mobile Teller – Loan Collections, Deposits and Withdrawals)

What are the services offered by KAYA Payment Platform to San Jose Koop?

Loan Payment (Fund Transfer)

  • transaction is executed through KAYA Mobile Application
  • deducted from borrower’s KAYA Savings Account into borrower’s Loan Ledger in San Jose Koop’s database.
  •  member notifies San Jose Koop through e-mail, text message, or phone call about the nature of Fund Transfer
  • transaction fee is dependent on the amount transferred:
AmountTransaction Fee
P 100.00 – P 2,499.991% of the amount transferred
P 2,500.00 – P 10,000.00P 25.00


*Minimum transferable amount per transaction is P 100.00
*Maximum transferable amount per transaction is P 10,000.00
*Fund transfers with amount greater than P 10, 000.00 are carried out in two or more transactions. Regular per transaction fees apply

Copyright 2022 - San Jose Koop

Copyright 2022 - San Jose Koop