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share capital challenge

To strengthen the asset-based of coop from members and to promote the financial stability of San Jose Koop through continuous capital build-up. To allow the continuing growth of the members’ investments in San Jose Koop for our own economic improvement.

Birthday Month Loan charges discount

To create a long term relationship and a loyalty program with regular members who are celebrating their birthdays by providing loan charges discount. To encourage all celebrators to patronize the loan products and services of San Jose Koop.

Bayad Mong Sakto, May Panalo Promo

To establish policy in granting incentives to our members who religiously settle their accounts directly to the main and satellite offices of SJDMSCC.


To establish a reward and loyalty program (card) for all members which is based on the frequency of transactions made by members.


Copyright 2022 - San Jose Koop

Copyright 2022 - San Jose Koop